"In the end we only regret the chances we didn't take, the relationships we were scared to have and the decisions we waited too long to make."


Pokhora - Feature Photograph

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Dar Es Salaam - Feature Photograph

The vibrant sun calls me from my slumber and declares “I am back again, just like yesterday and I will be back tomorrow” I arise wiping sleep from my eyes and upon opening the curtains I behold the immense beauty that is my privilege to embrace. So glad that very near the city you can find beaches like this to nurture your soul and rest your body. – Paul M Hansen


Lonely Planet describes it like this. “Over the last century, Dar es Salaam has transformed from a sleepy Zaramo fishing village into a thriving, striving, smoke-belching metropolis of over four million people (and growing). Straddling some of the most important sea routes in the world, it is East Africa’s second-busiest port and Tanzania’s commercial and cultural hub.”

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Phuket - Feature Photograph

One of my favorite evenings in Phuket. I stumbled upon a whole school of young monks who were taking in the sunset. My heart beat as I ran trying to capture some images before they left and was glad to catch this young boy beholding the beuaty of this gorgeous sunset.


Travellers who think that Phuket is all beaches and no culture may be surprised to find that there’s more to Thailand’s most popular Andaman isle than sun and sea. Ditch your beach towel and head to the island’s east coast: cultural capital Phuket Town will whizz you right back to the island’s roots. – from Lonely Planet

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Camera gear is expensive! Traveling is Expensive! But don’t worry Im addicted and wont stop. If you would like to help in a small way and keep the images rolling go ahead and buy a print you love to hang in your office or on your home walls. You will have some cool art on your wall and I will have hope that I can muster more than oohs, awes and facebook likes 🙂

Welcome To My Travel Photography

One of the most fantastic things that ever happened to me was the rare opportunity I had to travel to India at the young age of 16. Thus begun the wanderlust and travel photography that has led to exploring and adventuring through 5 continents while actually having the privilege of living on 3 different ones – not at the same time! I love to shoot travel photography that captures the beauty of the landscapes, light, culture and people of Asia.


“It is impossible not to be astonished by India. Nowhere on Earth does humanity present itself in such a dizzying, creative burst of cultures and religions, races and tongues.” capturing images in incredible india is an experience you don’t want to miss and is the place I owned my first DSLR film camera over 25 years ago!


Thailand – the land of smiles is sure to bring smiles to a photographers face. Whether its bustling Bangkok, the beaches of the south or the mountains and lush forests of the north Thailand is a photographers paradise. Transportation is cheap and logistics are easier than other locations. Flights from Bangkok to the north are only about $50, scooters are easily rented everywhere which makes it a great place for the exploring photographer.


Despite living next door for a couple of years my first trip into Nepal was only in 2012. After my first visit to Katmandu, Pokhara and some other areas of Nepal I was truly disappointed that I took so long to make it to Nepal. Its time to make up for lost adventures! We have just returned (Nov 2016) back from an amazing trip! We have continued building a partnership with Mitra Nepal an NGO that has changed forever the lives of 16 children rescued from the streets and a life of abject poverty. Plans are underway and the first homes foundation has just been laid to rescue another 25 children. An additional home will be built on the same property to take in an additional 25 children after the completion of the first house.

Comox Valley

Home is where the heart is and the Comox Valley lives in the heart of her residents and beyond. Time and time again I meet new people who have moved to this place I call home and the narrative is the same, ” we searched all over the country and this is the place of our dreams”. I am a passionate traveler and love to be on the move but when I touch down in Vancouver and make the incredible journey across the Georgia Straight and finally arrive in our little city I am a very happy man. #weareyqq

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