I wont let it happen again!

Last year I was late getting my act together on my calendar, not this year. Welcome to the early bird special. It goes without saying that I love shooting the local landscapes of the Comox Valley but what is even more fulfilling is having people enjoy them. I share lots of my photos on my Face Book photography page but this gives me an opportunity to pull together some of my favorite shots, share them with a wider audience and get a few pesos to throw into the endless photographers gadget budget. My last purchase was a nice buy from a friend, a used SB600 with some additional Gary Fong gadgets and some rechargeable batteries – a nice find at a great price. The purchase before that? Replacing a lens that my lovely wife accidentally broke when she did a fail at tango with my tripod – a needed replacement at 1000+ ouches!

Ok – back to the calendar.

To kick this year off I am doing an early bird special that not only includes a nice little discount but also includes all 12 images from the calendar as a free download to print and frame as you like. I think this is a very generous offer as I am selling my digital downloads for $19.95 each which brings the bonus to a total of $249.40 – I memorized that now :). I certainly don’t want to work for free but I do want to bring those who have encouraged me along the way lots of value. So if you haven’t seen the short promo and video you can find it here. I have some images in mind for the calendar but I am still looking for some feedback on images you would like to see – that way we are making the calendar together. Lets do it!

chat later


PS – the blossoming tress’s on Farqueson’s is a free high res thank you – when you visit the above link and click through.

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