Did you notice my last post was “don’t forget your iphone”. The simple point of the post and images was to say, you can take amazing photographs with your phone. Of course you probably already know that but we often fall into the trap of thinking that we need something more powerful, advanced, faster etc in order to create something awesome. Reminder:

“The power to create amazing things lies inside of us and the tools that help us accomplish that are outside of us.”

If we get distracted by the tools we will not cultivate the inner garden of creativity and get sidetracked trying to keep up with all the tools and technology. That post ties in with this one in that this time the iphone was not a tool to help capture a great image but a digital distraction that was contributing to missing an amazing image right in front of my eyes.

I was sitting on the beach at Kye Bay after taking some shots of the snowbirds and had my head in tool mode, looking at my iphone and checking all the blinking lights and notices etc. When I looked up three ladies were racing their horses across the sand at low tide! What a treat. Fortunately for me they stuck around for a while.

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