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We are busy preparing all the tools to tell this amazing story after returning home from Nepal in November 2016. We have lots of video, audio, images and stories that will help people join this adventure to change lives. The launch team is our early adopters who will help take this endeavor to a wider audience. Its the people who know us and can say “these guys are doing some cool stuff – check it out”. We are asking our early adopters to do two things.


share with your audience the links to our stories and updates as we launch the website in the near future


make a minimum donation of $5 as we launch our campaign and encourage friends to help with a little donation to make a big difference.

As a thank you for helping out you will receive a personal post card from the kids in Nepal

What is Kids of Nepal

Kids of Nepal is a team effort of ordinary people having an extraordinary impact by taking action to see the building of 2 new homes funded that will transform the lives of 50 children in Nepal. These homes and the property that has already been donated will help them become self sufficient as they plant gardens and raise livestock as well as sell what they produce. Typically the kids will come to the homes from the same place the other children have come from that have already been living with Mitra for over a decade. These children were on the streets, abandoned or in situations of very high risk.

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Thank you for joining us in this adventure to transform the lives of 50 children in Nepal

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