I wrote this the very morning of the quake but as we all know it is incredibly worse than imagined. This wont be fixed over a weekend and it will be a long road re-building. We have many friends in Nepal and plan to get involved by resourcing them. ……………….


Not able to sleep last night and at about 3 am picked up my phone, yes for a quick look at facebook. When you have friends all over the globe you never know, you might be groggy but they could be posting interesting things. Unfortunately it was not interesting but tragic news that I read ………

“Really bad bad bad earth quack in Kathmandu all r safe. We were in the Church.”

That was an understatement. It was 15 hrs ago from when writing this post. Only 3 hrs ago my same friend wrote

“It is 1:00 am of 26th April. We all are in an open field in a school near by our home. There are countless aftershocks in every 15-20 min. It has started to rain and getting very very cold as well. Inside house still unsafe and will stay here till things get normal. Connecting phone has been difficult. No electricity till now. Communication may be shut down from from tomorrow. Thanks for your prayers! Love you all!”

They are suffering but alive – over 1000 others not so lucky. In Katmandu alone over 300 lives were taken. It seems like only yesterday we were there. Another friend’s parents lost their home. Fortunately the children we have been helping are all safe and fine. The chart below shows how vulnerable and to what degree Nepal has been prone to earthquakes. We also sit on a fault line and should be vigilant – but I am still not ready for a large quake in a practical manner. Below

Today I can’s but wonder where is this women who calls Katmandu streets her home?

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